Photobooth Pics!

We’re back from our short little escape to Vancouver, and wanted to let you all know that the pics from the photobooth are now up online!  Check them out by logging in here:  Select the Alexa & Ben album and enter the password:  ABB522.  You all took soooo many great photos in the booth at the wedding – we were laughing hysterically going through the book of photostrips you all signed!

BTW, if you were curious where we got the photobooth, it was brought by the amazing ladies of 321 Foto.  We absolutely loved having them at our wedding!

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t put one of our fave photo strips up from the evening.  Sorry, it’s just of us two, but we thought it was crazy fun!




Our Engagement Photo

We have been on the lookout for our favorite engagement photo to show up on the Azzura Cafe, our amazing photographer’s blog, and just today noticed it’s now up!  Check it out at

Tania, our photographer, took that photo on a whim when I mentioned I liked the Fish & Chips sign.  So, amidst dodging the rain (which made the bike seats a little wet, btw!), and racing to beat the dwindling sun as it began to set behind dark, impending rain clouds, Alexa and I hopped on these old-style bikes and it turned out to be our favorite photo of the whole shoot!  A big thanks to Azzura for the great shot!