Cozumel Dive 8 2008-04-08 049_Edited

It was a cold, rainy Saturday morning in November, 2006.  Ok, that sounded a little too Daniel Steele…  So yeah, we were both out teaching SCUBA.  Or rather, we were instructors in training.  Ben had been working with TL Sea for about a year and arrived to hear there’d be a new girl named Alexa starting the program that day.  But he had no clue who she was, and so unsuspectingly headed off to help the very nice middle-aged couple he was assigned to.  Being the “gentleman” that he is, Ben shook the man’s hand and then turned to shake the woman’s hand, paying no attention to the girl who was fiddling with their gear.  That girl was Alexa, and just as Ben turned past her, she reached out her hand to introduce herself – and Ben passed her right by!

Ben claims this was completely unintentional and can go on and on about how he thought she was the couple’s daughter or something and truly intended to shake her hand and properly introduce himself.  Alexa has never let him live it down.  But to wrap up our story (Ben is known for telling long stories with far too many details), Ben did then shake her hand, introduce himself, and quickly realized that this Alexa girl was very pretty, a lot of fun, and he needed to get to know her better!

So after a diving club holiday party, Ben invited Alexa to go skiing with him and thus they had their first official date!  Well… Alexa wasn’t quite sure it was a date at first – she thought Ben was bored and needed someone to go skiing with him.  Little did she know that he had a whole crew of skiing buddies, and he really just wanted to spend time with her!  Luckily, the day went well (except for a minor mishap with Ben’s car getting stuck in the snow and the snow chains destroying his ABS, but that’s another story… Bonus points to Alexa, though, because she helped push the car out of the snow).  Shortly thereafter, Alexa and Ben officially became BF/GF on January 18th, 2007.  And the rest, as they say, is history!  Well, unless you want to read the impressive engagement story