Palace Ballroom Bites The reception will also be held at Palace Ballroom and will begin with cocktails and hours d’vours immediately following the ceremony.  Cocktails will be served in the front lounge.  And of course, we’ll follow that up with dinner and lots of dancing in the main ballroom!

We’ve assembled an amazing menu for the evening, comprised of our favorites from the Tom Douglas restaurants and a few unique ideas.  We know you’re dying to know all the details, but sorry, the exact menu is a secret!  That said, we can tell you to expect a lot of great food that you won’t find anywhere else, and even some late-night bites around 10:00pm.  If you’re really dying to know what you’ll be eating, check out our twitter for a hint or two :).

Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes because somewhere amidst all the food, we’ll be packing the dance floor.  We assure you, no Macarena…  We also promise a few other surprises – we’d tell you what they are, but uh… then they wouldn’t be a surprise!

For the clock watchers out there, we expect the reception to conclude at approximately 11:00pm.  But don’t leave early!  We have something special planed for the very end – you won’t want to miss it!

After Party

And for those of you who like to party ‘til the sun comes up, never fear!  Just head to our After Party at Buckley’s in Belltown, which is approximately 6 blocks from Palace Ballroom.  Click here for walking directions.