So you’ve got your invitation and you noticed it said you could RSVP online, eh? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll see three magical boxes below – fill them in and we’ll present you with a 22 question survey about your sleep habits. Wait… what? I need to stop reading my spam folder while writing these pages… Seriously, though – if you RSVP online it saves us a whole bunch of time and gives you a free stamp!* So what are you waiting for? Go fill in those magic boxes!


Oh wait… Psych! RSVPs were due May 1st and it’s way past then… You slacker ;)


*Assuming you can either fit your letter in our tiny envelope and you want it to be sent to us (since it’s already addressed to us!), OR you are amazingly adept at removing stamps. Of course if you’re good at removing stamps, you are probably more interested in the collectible one we used for the outer envelope on the invite. Yeah, they’re limited edition Kelp Forest stamps, and yes, we’re nerds and picked them especially for you…