Kelly Moore Bag– Christmas Gift Shhhh. . .


We all know Ben has a great/fantastic/wonderful day job but he’s also a great photographer.  In the past year he’s shot engagement and anniversary photos as well as photos for local events.  Every year I try to get him something photography related and this year I think I’ve found the perfect gift!  I present to you: The Kelly Moore Boy Bag:



Ben adores this bag and it will be a great upgrade from his current camera bag (which is huge!).  For more information on these bags you can check out Kelly Moore at by clicking here.


Our Wedding Highlights Video/Trailer!

Our Highlight Reel is now available online!  It’s amazing, so hit play immediately!  I have to say it was sooooo cool to watch this and see how amazing everyone looked on wedding day.  It was all a bit of a blur for us on our wedding day, and seeing it immortalized on YouTube has made us super happy.

A huge thanks to Good Times Productions for the awesome video – we can’t wait to see the full DVD! :)


Streamer Baby Goes to the Vancouver Aquarium

Stop #2 for Streamer Baby was the Vancouver Aquarium.  Alexa and I first visited the Vancouver Aquarium on our second anniversary (of dating), when we took a long weekend up in the city.  We had a blast, and just couldn’t resist showing our lovechild of streamers the fishes!


Here’s a cute photo of some clownfish from the aquarium tanks!  These are my favorite fishes – why?  Not because they’re Nemo fish, but because they’re so cute and cuddly and like to swim in the anemones.  Oh wait… It’s really cause they’re Nemo fish…

And here’s Alexa’s favorite aquarium attraction – the sea otters!  He was quite playful :)



Streamer Baby Goes to Capilano Bridge!

Our first stop in Vancouver with Streamer Baby was none other than the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Basically a neat tourist trap that’s just some bridge that some dude built in the late 1800’s to… well, really he built it as a tourist trap!  At least that’s what we were able to figure out from the website.  Anyway, we took Streamer Baby into the park, carried it (or should we be saying him/her?) over the bridge and back, and through the treetop adventure that reminded us both of that one age in Myst where you have to keep turning the pipes on and off.  It was fun!  And now, because we know you’re dying to see the pics, take a peek below:




Photobooth Pics!

We’re back from our short little escape to Vancouver, and wanted to let you all know that the pics from the photobooth are now up online!  Check them out by logging in here:  Select the Alexa & Ben album and enter the password:  ABB522.  You all took soooo many great photos in the booth at the wedding – we were laughing hysterically going through the book of photostrips you all signed!

BTW, if you were curious where we got the photobooth, it was brought by the amazing ladies of 321 Foto.  We absolutely loved having them at our wedding!

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t put one of our fave photo strips up from the evening.  Sorry, it’s just of us two, but we thought it was crazy fun!




OMG We’re Married! And Announcing a New Addition To The Family!

We’re up in Vancouver, BC right now, relaxing for a couple days (call it a “minimoon” if you like), and just wanted to say:  We’re Married!  The wedding went off soooo well we can’t even describe how much fun we had!  We hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed all the amazing food!  Over the next several weeks, we’ll post some info about the planning we did, a bunch of fun stories from the wedding weekend, and of course links to photos and videos once we get those back.  For now, we just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us, and especially to all of our friends and family who were involved in making our day so special!

And last but not least, we wanted to introduce you to our newest family member: Streamer Baby!!!  During our Grand Exit, so many streamers came out around us that we got all caught up and the streamers tangled into a ball.  One of the groomsmen (we can’t remember who – if it was you – let us know!) threw the whole bundle into our getaway car!  Obviously we kept it and we’ve been carrying it around Vancouver taking pictures with it everywhere we go.  We’ll post the pics over the next couple of days, but for now, we just have one.  Introducing… Streamer Baby!




2 Days (or 1 if you go by the Macys website but no one pays them to count?)


Here we are, two days before the big day.  I’ve tried to get Ben to elope to Canada but no such luck (we’re mini mooning there instead).

In the past 48 hours we have learned the following:

1. We need a laser jet printer

2. Feeding me in set intervals = good idea (Ben already knows this but sometimes he forgets. . .)

3. Ben learned that you really can’t park in Charter Bus Only parking on 4th Ave.

4. That you really can put future in-laws into a manufacturing line just to make sure some lanterns look pretty (THANK YOU SALLY & GARY!!)

5. We are not DIY people. We’re PSE people (Pay Someone Else).  With that said we’ve done quite a bit of DIY. . .even though its caused some angry monkey type moments.


We are super excited to see each and every one of you this coming weekend and while I know we’re having some crazy and sometimes craptastic weather we do hope you’ll find time to get out and enjoy our city!


34 Days To Go (at least according to Facebook)


So with 34 days to go until the big day we have a few announcements!


  1. I you haven’t booked your hotel please do so as soon as you can! Our Westin block is now full (the hotel still has availability just not in our block) but the Andra should be able to accommodate you at our negotiated rate until 4/20.  After that the rates go up to $200+ per night. 
  2. For those of you that are new to Seattle and wanted a quick list of things to do please check our our sample one day itinerary.  If you need other suggestions you are welcome to email us and we’ll see what we can do!
  3. Ben wants to know what happened to #3 . . .#3 mostly has to do with my wanting to hire small children to put together our programs and escort cards because OMG I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO PAPERZONE.  But since I’m pretty sure hiring children and creating my own wedding related sweatshop is a bad idea, we’ll just ignore #3**


**I am still interested in hiring someone to lug around my scuba and ski gear. 


Registry Coupon Code!

We just found a cool piece of info and wanted to share it with all of you – Macy’s is currently running a promotion that saves you $20 on any registry purchase of $100 or more.  So if any of you are shopping on our Macy’s registry, first of all thank you so much!  Secondly, use gift code “REGISTRY” to save a good chunk of dough!

Here’s a link to all the info on Macy’s site:

The promo ends April 15th, so I guess that means you’ve only got 2 more days – sorry we found out so late.


Hotels Booking Up!

Just a quick update for all our out-of-town guests – the two hotels we’ve reserved for our wedding are filling up quickly!  Our reserved block at the Westin is now full, but the Hotel Andra still has rooms available at our discount rate.  HOWEVER! The rate is only available until April 20, so if you want to get the great $159 rate, book soon!!! (The standard rate is currently ~$400, so you’re getting a screaming deal on the Andra – one of the nicest hotels in downtown Seattle!) 

Yes, we’ve just used a lot of exclamation marks…

Here’s some more:  Don’t wait – book your hotel room now!!!