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An Overdue Update

Well, we’re down to only 109 days before the wedding and it’s been over a month since we last posted – we’ve been super busy!  So it’s about time that we updated you on everything that’s been going on…

Alexa's Birthday 2009-222Let’s see, where to start?  Well, we celebrated Alexa’s Birthday and the holidays here in Kirkland a few days before Christmas, since we both flew home to spend the 25th with our families for the last time as “single” people (wow, kinda scary, huh?!?!)  It was great to be home with everyone, but it was a bit odd to be apart – we’re definitely looking forward to spending the holidays together next year :)  But to celebrate this year, we chose to make stockings for each other.  Yes, we actually sewed them!  And then of course stuffed them with fun little presents :)  We hung them on our improvised stocking holders (random wine bottles) and put them on our mantle.  As always, I’ve included a cute photo for you to see!

Alexa's Birthday 2009 We also got our engagement photos back from Azzura, and put them up on our new photo wall.  It looks really great!  We can’t wait to add photos from our wedding. *Bonus points to anyone who can name where we got the fancy frame shelf.*

As for wedding planning, we’ve been super busy!  We’ve picked Fiore Blossoms as our florist/decorator, chosen our DJ, Wave Link Music, and our invitations are being designed by Dolce Design!  Check out all the people working on our wedding on our Twitter list: @APandBBetz/our-wedding-vendors. We’ve also been working on a few cool surprises and fun things we won’t talk about just yet.  Gotta have some suspense, right?  We did spend a nice afternoon at the Seattle Wedding Show two weekends ago.  Ok, yeah, not exactly a guy thing – really, I went to eat all the cake tasters :)  Oh, and to have fun with Alexa, of course!

There’s still lots more to do, and only a few months left!  We know many of you are interested in our registries – we’re furiously working on finishing those up, and should have them all set to go in a week or so.  We’ll be sure to post to the blog to let you know.  And someday soon, Alexa will start posting on here too – I know you’re all waiting on the edge of your seat!


Video: Thanksgiving Weekend at Whistler

Alexa and I spent a great Thanksgiving Weekend up at the Pennak family timeshare in Whistler, BC.  We had great weather, with several inches of snow on Saturday!  So obviously, we took advantage of the record-setting early season snow and did some skiing.  While we were up on the lifts, we shot a quick video blog post for you, so check it out below.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Quick notes:

  1. Just in case you were wondering what I was talking about, Chris Cashman is the host of XBox Live’s 1 vs. 100.
  2. I misspoke in the video – it’s actually 173 days until our wedding, not 163.  That’s what I get for trying count in subzero temperatures.
  3. The video has closed captioning/subtitles that you can enable via the little triangle button.  All videos we post to our blog will be captioned.