Here we are, two days before the big day.  I’ve tried to get Ben to elope to Canada but no such luck (we’re mini mooning there instead).

In the past 48 hours we have learned the following:

1. We need a laser jet printer

2. Feeding me in set intervals = good idea (Ben already knows this but sometimes he forgets. . .)

3. Ben learned that you really can’t park in Charter Bus Only parking on 4th Ave.

4. That you really can put future in-laws into a manufacturing line just to make sure some lanterns look pretty (THANK YOU SALLY & GARY!!)

5. We are not DIY people. We’re PSE people (Pay Someone Else).  With that said we’ve done quite a bit of DIY. . .even though its caused some angry monkey type moments.


We are super excited to see each and every one of you this coming weekend and while I know we’re having some crazy and sometimes craptastic weather we do hope you’ll find time to get out and enjoy our city!